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20-Year Warranty

Current is a uniquely engineered hybrid mattress that promises a healthier sleep — year after year (after year).

Our pocketed spring coil technology rests below just enough cushioning to soothe, support and align, for happier, healthier sleep.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Our comprehensive Comfort System is the optimal ratio of foam to pocketed spring coils, providing a high-quality, highly supportive foundation that makes for a better mattress — and a healthier sleep — night after night, year after year.

Our pocketed spring coil technology also reduces motion transfer, allowing you to find your perfect sleep position without disturbing your partner.


We’ve got your back. Our custom-made pocketed spring coil technology is married with just the right amount of foam to provide better alignment, lasting support and, ultimately, healthier sleep.


There’s such a thing as too much foam. Layers and layers of foam trap heat. Current has just enough to keep you comfortable — no more, no less.


Current is designed to perform "like new" years and years into its life. With the integrity of our premium pocketed coils, a Current mattress lasts for decades without a change in comfort or support – no sagging, no thinning.


Our materials meet the highest levels of industry certifications by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, so you know you’re bringing a safe, healthy product into your home

Sleep your way to better health.

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AskMen named Current...

"Best New Mattress on the Market"

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