Spinal Alignment & Sleep: Why A Pilates Instructor Chooses Current Mattress

The alignment of our spines – throughout the day when many of us are hunched over computer and at night, while we sleep – is one of the most important aspects for health and well-being. Your spine, and the muscles that surround it, are the architectural foundation that holds your body together and enables upright posture.

Few people take spinal alignment as seriously as a Pilates instructor. It’s an exercise discipline focused on building up your core — the series of muscles that run along your spine from the base of your head to your tailbone. Strengthening these muscles promotes posture and balance and relieves the stress, pressure, and tension on your spine that leads to back pain.

Four out of five adults will experience back pain in their lifetime.

Because it’s so common, this particular scourge of modern life can seem like no big deal. But back pain can be excruciating, it can severely limit movement, negatively affect quality of life, and interfere with sleep.

Jacquelyn Brennan, a Chicago-based Pilates instructor and studio-owner, helps clients suffering from spinal alignment issues, lower back pain, and forward-head posture. Spending an hour in the Pilates studio is important, but it’s only part of the spinal equation.

She is also a happy customer of Current Mattress.

“I was really excited when I learned about Current’s special focus on ensuring spinal alignment. I haven’t heard of another mattress brand put so much thought into weight distribution, circulation, and proper spine support.”

As a physical fitness professional, she also realizes how important a good night’s sleep is — not only in terms of how your spine is supported through the night — but also because sleep is critical to regulate our mood, energy, and mental alertness. “I wouldn’t be able to do my job if I’m not well rested. I can’t 'phone it in' and I can’t give my clients anything less than my alert, present self.”

A poor night’s sleep is not an option for Jacquelyn. And, so, in addition to the spinal alignment benefits, she also appreciates the cool, breathable fabric that helps regulate body temperature throughout the night.

A supported spine and comfortable sleeping through the night? It’s the stuff dreams are made of. Current Mattress customers are proving that dream is now a reality.

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