Meet: Current

We believe that it’s possible to sleep your way to better health — and it all starts with your mattress.

Better sleep, for your best life.

Current delivers the optimal ratio of foam to pocketed spring coils, creating a comprehensive comfort system that ensures proper alignment, healthy support and comfortable, quality sleep night after night.

The bed-in-a-box phenomenon has made mattress-buying logistics a breeze. But we've found too many people are sacrificing quality for convenience. We think you deserve both.

Technology meets craftsmanship.

We’ve spent years researching and developing, innovating and refining the technology that makes Current the best mattress for your sleep, and for your life.

Our product rests on more than 20 years of knowledge, expertise and passion for pioneering a healthier, sounder sleep.

Beyond Comfortable.

Unlike most beds-in-a-box, Current’s unique design uses pocketed spring coils that will stand the test of time: which means you get the same comfort, the same support, and the same healthy sleep — night after night after night.

The foam factor.

Many bed-in-a-box products rely heavily on foam, and for good reason: it’s cheap, it’s easy to squeeze into a box, and it’s comfortable — that is, until it’s not.

There is such a thing as too much foam.

Layers and layers of foam trap heat, making for a sweaty night’s sleep. And when foam is your main support system, it breaks down faster – which means your mattress does, too — and the support goes out the window.

Made in the USA

Current is made with only the highest quality materials and components. Mattresses are manufactured and shipped directly from our factory in Northwest, GA.

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