Our Story:

The start of healthier sleep.

Our story began over 30 years ago while our founder, Brian, was working for one of the leading global mattress brands. With his knowledge and expertise as one of just a handful of registered engineers in the industry at the time, he learned how to make a mattress the way everyone should make a mattress.

While the Bed-In-A-Box may be a relatively new concept, we're not a novice. Quality Spring Products has been manufacturing and shipping bed-in-a-box from Dalton, Georgia since 2009.

What started as his lake house guest room mattress soon became the catalyst for made-to-order requests. Shortly thereafter, his niche offering in the mobile mattress industry sold thousands of products that have endured some of the harshest, most rugged conditions for more than 15 years…and they’re still going strong.

The optimal ratio of foam to pocketed spring coils for supreme support and comfort not only ensures our mattresses won’t break down, but they’ll perform “like new” for years and years.

With the highest-quality enhancements for the home, Current ultimately rests on decades of experience and customer insights to bring you the healthier, more restful sleep that every body needs.

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