The Mattress Myth...Thicker is NOT better!

Is Thicker Really Better?

The mattress industry says thicker is better, but at Current Mattress, we are calling their bluff! 

If you went out today and bought a mattress that cost 4-5 thousand dollars that is 16” thick there is a good chance it would have individually wrapped coils as its core. Many expensive mattresses have this core because the pocketed spring core is considered premium, but does that mean the mattress is premium?

The answer is no.  Just having the individually wrapped spring core does not make a good mattress. No more than flour, buttermilk, butter and salt would be good to eat alone, but if you put those ingredients together in the correct amount and the correct way they make a great biscuit. The same applies for these premium spring cores. The mattress core has a role to play, but it cannot perform properly if it has several inches of foam stacked on top of it. The foam prohibits the springs from conforming to your body, especially if the foam begins to break down, as it often does.

Even the best core cannot do its job if too much foam is stacked on top of it. The beauty of a well-made pocketed spring core is its ability to conform to your body weight and distribute that weight down through the foundation and floor.  This distribution of weight gives your body the support it needs. However,  if you put something above the core, like a large amount of foam,  you reduce the core’s ability to transmit weight. What does this mean? Thicker is not better.  A premium  individually wrapped coil core mattress with too much foam stacked on top is essentially useless because the springs cannot do their job. 

At Current we manufacture the highest quality individually wrapped coil core on the market.  We then top that core with just enough foam to ensure you do not feel the coils.  This means our mattress is not as thick as some of our competitors, however, our mattress allows the coils to do their job.  What does that mean for you?  It means a comfortable mattress that will never break down.  It means no mattress “holes” or depressions that leave you uncomfortable and buying a new mattress every couple of years.  Our mattress will last forever, and you will be just as comfortable 20 years down the road as you were the first night you slept on it! 

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